Besant Group of Institutions, Mangaluru

Vision & Mission


Besant Evening College aims to live up to the expectation of the students who make it their first choice, for the pursuit of higher education and to attain academic excellence. The college strives to enrich the lives of its students with programmes, curricular and co-curricular, which will bring out the best in them and help them to strike a balance between learning and earning simultaneously. Students of the college are helped to realise that learning is a lifelong process and that they have a responsibility to society and the nation at large.


To reach out to students from all strata of society and to strive to provide an affordable and unparalleled learning experience in a supportive and caring environment that leads the students to their chosen goals.

Core Values

  • Giving our best professionally
  • Being people-centred and accessible
  • To uphold integrity
  • To appreciate diversity of backgrounds and strengths
  • Embrace change