Besant Group of Institutions, Mangaluru

Librarian's Message

Besant Evening College Library Mangalore

“Google can bring you back 1,00,000 answers, a Library/ librarian can bring you back the right one.” – Neil Gaiman, English writer
Dr Vasappa Gowda, Librarian

who will assist in every way to ensure that you reach your full potential by providing the right materials. So, make full use of the library services. Develop the habit of regular use of the library. We believe that reading should be the way of life- lifelong learning process, the Nation that reads is a nation that leads, Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader and Knowledge is power.  We hope you will use the library as a place of learning, information and communication to shape your career. 
Good Luck in your studies and looking forward to your regular library visit 
Happy learning……!!!
Kind regards,
Dr Vasappa Gowda