Besant Group of Institutions, Mangaluru

Examinations, Tests and Results

The college conducts periodical examinations and tests to assess the students’ progress in studies. Internal assessment marks for every semester will be awarded on the basis of two examinations and one assignment. In addition to term examinations, the student’s progress is assessed through tests and paper presentations. Parents have to meet the Class Mentors personally to collect the progress cards of their wards. The university holds the semester examinations at the end of each semester.

1. UG and PG Results of October 2015
2. UG and PG Results of April 2016 
3. UG and PG Results October 2016
4. UG and PG Results April 2017
5. UG and PG Results October 2017
6. UG and PG Results April 2018
7. UG and PG Results October 2018
8. UG and PG Results April 2019
9. UG and PG Results October 2019
10. Results October-Nov 2020